Advice on dating thai women

I asked how much and it was 20000 baht for 3 visits/treatments (without getting into specifics a quick procedure/injections and maybe a prescription was necessary).I let her know that I'd have to use my line of credit to give her the money, and I didn't intend on using it again to help her. I told her that I am not making enough money now to send her some (will not go into debt to help her), and am looking for a woman who really loves me. It explained the Thai culture and expectations with respect to a dowry (her family is very poor), taking care of your girlfriend... She hinted some money coming her way when we first met could really help her to live more comfortably (she has very little: I saw her tiny apartment) , but I refused.

20k for 3 hospital visits sounds like quite a bit unless she went to the international hospital and mentioned that she had a foreign boyfriend to cover the charges. Convinced that she loves you: She won't take down her profile... Sorry to sound negative, but there have been too many guys with good intentions being taken for a ride by some of these women. I just about no them all..indeed, check to see how long she has been on the website, then ask yourself, would a sexy looking woman like that, be still online after 1, 2, 3, 4 yrs... this lady is making all the right moves a scammer would make get things going, sick mama story, wants money to pay for health issues, stay on internet until later... Girls like this are very keen to find a green horn who doesn't really know what it going on. I don't mean to sound offensive either - it happened to me and I was suckered into giving 30,000 baht for a sick mother etc.

If you are looking for love, then please find a babe who is able to take care of herself.

If the relationship is predicated on your taking care of her, that is not a relationship.

She gave me a book to read "Thailand Fever" after I left. She has me genuinely convinced that she loves me, but is putting pressure to move things along.

She is from a village in the north of Thailand originally. She used to work 7 days a week, but now less because she only was able to get two weeks off a year with her old job, and needs to visit her mother more often than that. Of course I think that she is beautiful and am happy to have met her, but I do want to find a girl who loves me, and is not just looking for money and security.

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