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I don't think we are bringing out each other's best." Another option here is: "I want the best for you and I don't feel that I can provide it.I feel awful because I care about you a lot, but I need to be honest." Oftentimes, Syrtash said, when someone's getting broken up with, their instinct is to show the other person how great they are.Remember: Worst-case scenario, they'll decline, and you'll probably never see them again.What to say: "I need to tell you something and I feel a bit vulnerable right now.Remind them that you're not bringing out their best, and that the relationship isn't healthy for either of you.

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But for some nuanced insight, we consulted relationship expert Andrea Syrtash, author of "It's Okay to Sleep With Him on the First Date," about how to navigate some of the most uncomfortable dating scenarios.

Either exchange brief greetings or move so your ex can't see you. When you let your current partner know that your ex is in sight, you can even laugh and make a joke about it — hence the phrase, "This is super awkward." Either way, be aware that this situation might open up a conversation with your new partner about your last relationship. If this has happened once or twice, don't overthink it, Syrtash said.

Laugh and move on, or don't acknowledge it if you think your partner didn't even notice.

I'm not comfortable if you're sleeping with other people and I figure that's worth bringing up now. " Syrtash cautioned that it's not a great idea to have this conversation on a first or second date.

But once you feel like you two are "dating" — whatever that means to you — it's okay to bring it up. The key here is to stay positive and to confidently assert your needs — instead of being accusatory or putting the other person on the defensive.

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