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I'm obsessed with Taylor Swift, home repair, and drinking tea all day every day.

So you come across this cute girl sitting next to you in a metro, engrossed in a novel.

Now imagine reading about illicit sexual encounters while reading the train, and no one knows it but you. Your bookshelf can tell your date a lot about who you are. Studies have shown that people who read literary fiction are better at understanding others’ emotions and empathizing, because they use their brain energy to figure out and connect with complex characters (aka your next boyfriend). Have you ever looked up while on public transit and see everyone’s silent face consumed in a glow of green light? Being entranced by a book is a much better look and makes you a lot more intriguing.

Yes, sometimes this will mean us lounging around together, watching episode after episode. ' Don't even try to wrap your head around why, just know that if we see a bookshop then we are going to go in. So be aware that you might be dragged along to all your bookworms bookish events. We will then expect you to listen throughout as we moan about every little thing that they changed, left out or completely ruined. We want our very own library and you should support us in this endeavour.Us bookworms like to sit for long periods of time, with our noses stuck in a book! But we will completely forget about the fact that we need these two vital things to survive. Our mood could change very quickly, and this will be caused by entirely fictional events.You can tell a lot about a person by what books they have. Your favorite characters help inform the qualities you look for in a real life partner. On the bus, in the bar, at a dinner party – anywhere you go, you’ll find literature lovers and have hours and hours of things to talk about, which may result in a new friendship, a new relationship, or just a good lay.You can model your seduction moves after your favorite suave characters.

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