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Peter Jurasik Peter is a American character actor, who in his own words has played "a number of fruits and nuts" throughout his acting career.

Like so many others he also turned up in Bochco's LA Law and NYPD Blue, but his most famous other role was as Londo Mollari in Babylon 5.

He was booked for one episode but the executives at NBC had seen the strong connection with his partner Michael Warren and decided there was a future for the Hill and Renko team.

Officer Andy Renko The tough 'red neck' officer sometimes lets his temper get him into trouble.

It was thought his role could not be filled by anyone and so a new duty Sergeant (Sgt. He was one of the most loved characters and his catch phrase was "Let's be careful out there" has endured down the years The first time he said it is here Jon Cypher Born in New York and a live long Opera lover Jon stared acting in 1956 and had roles in Knots Landings and Dynasty, before joining HSB. The role of Chief of Police was one that Jon made his own A pompous self-opinionated man, but he was also going to be one of life's survivors.

He is also well known as his role's in Major Dad and Santa Barbara and was in the Movie Masters of the Universe, Murder She Wrote, Tour of Duty and Walker Texas Ranger. Throughout his time as Furillo's boss, he made the man's job so much tougher with his ability to listen intently to what Furillo has to say and then completely ignoring it. Ray Calletano A fiery 'Latino' Lieutenant he often crossed swords with his colleagues, but never fell out with them. One of the highlights of the series is when he serves at work, some tea sent by a relative, that was mixed with marijuana.

He went on to appear in a huge number of productions on both the big and little screen as well as stage.

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This lead him eventual to a number of Shakespearian roles.

He is also active in the world of Theatre, but somehow has not yet had the big star role his talent deserves. Neal Washington Played so brilliantly the partner and friend to J. Robert Clohessy His career really started with Hill Street, having done little before apart from fight in the 1975 Golden Gloves in Madison Square Garden.

Since then he has been working almost non stop, appearing in a number of popular TV shows and movies Officer Patrick Flaherty Brought in for the last series as a new partner for Sgt. Grace Gardner returns to the Hill as Sister Chastity, she eventual gives in to his undoubted charm and tries to seduce him.

She was already in her mid forties, when she graced the Hill with her sensual presence. Esterhaus were treats for the imagination, but ultimately caused his demise.

She could still to be found on People magazine's '50 most beautiful people in the world' list, in 1994. Grace Gardner Wife of Chief of Detectives Sam Gardner (deceased). Megan Gallagher Megan was keen to become an actor when she was a child and worked hard at it, until getting the break of a guest spot on HSB.

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