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There are plenty of tried-and-true merchandise ideas out there, but our absolute best sellers are always tee shirts and CDs.These items both have the highest upfront cost, however, so ordering smart is essential.

Although I got a lot of positive feedback from women about our lady’s tee shirts online, our sales on those items were pretty stagnant. We unloaded our men’s tee shirts so quickly we had to re-order, but our lady’s tees clung on forever. ) Figure out the right sizing for your audience, too.Make sure you have lights on your swag for all those dark rooms you’ll be playing in, too.We run around with a big modified steamer trunk that draws a lot of attention to itself. Make sure you tell your audience that you’ve got lots of rad merchandise for sale, and point to it from the audience so they know where it is. We’ve had people approach us after announcing that we have CDs for sale, and they still act surprised that we have CDs.It’s absolutely the best way to keep track of inventory, helps you figure out when you should be re-ordering items, and, more importantly, provides your audience another way to get ahold of your swag.There’s a small fee when you use a service like this for card transactions, but most audiences are totally fine paying that fee.

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