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If the General Assembly of Members fails to form a quorum, not later than after one month a secondary Assembly shall be called, which shall possess the right to adopt resolutions on issues of the agenda of the failed Assembly, irrespective of a number of Members of the Association attending a secondary Assembly.

In between the General Assemblies of Members the authority of the Association shall be taken by the Board, which consists of 10 (ten) Members.approve annual financial accountability of the Association; 5.2.6.

The operating loss (after a charge of .8 million for impairment of property and equipment in the more recent quarter) was .6 million against a loss of .9 million a year ago.

After net interest expense and other income & expense, the loss before income taxes was .2 million compared to a loss of .7 million.

The candidates having received the most votes shall be considered to be elected.

If there are more candidates, who have received the same number of votes than vacancies in the Board, a secondary voting shall be arranged, during which each Member attending the Assembly shall be able to vote only for one of the candidates, having received the same number of votes.

The e-commerce site was taken over by new ownership to continue the same focus as the brick and mortar stores prior to their closing.

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David Coder who is President and Omer Fancy who is the executive Vice President of Marketing. The increase in net sales was primarily due to the opening of new stores since Sept.

Chief among those tactics was a shift to splashy clearance sales and product promotions.

Revised management wished to return Linens 'n Things to an "everyday, low price" model it had pursued during its earlier years as a public company.

to encourage cooperation among Members of the Association; 2.1.6concentrate efforts of Members of the Association seeking to establish as favorable conditions as possible for real estate development activities; 2.1.7part and vote in General Assembly of Members of the Association; 4.2.2use services provided by the Association (for payment set by the Association, if payment for certain services is due); 4.2.3.

These votes shall be distributed by an attendant at his/her discretion, i.e.

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