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I typically don't share my mail, and I always honor all requests from readers who write and ask that our correspondence remain confidential. To protect the privacy of readers, though, the writers' last names and the full names of anyone else they may have mentioned in their note have been omitted.“For years, I have wondered why the boys swam nude in gym class when I attended Jefferson High School in Rochester.…This has bothered me and whoever I asked, no one seemed to have an answer.…I just had to write you because now we all know the reason.A motion filed in Superior Court says there is proof that El Cajon councilman Ben Kalasho and his wife are behind fake social media accounts used to defame a local beauty queen and restaurant.

Thus, IP addresses pose additional hurdles and are thrown out by judges.The court documents say the Kalashos were behind a fake poll calling them the “worst Mexican food in El Cajon.” This was in retaliation for not posting Kalasho’s campaign signs on the restaurant property, according to the documents.It alleges fake Facebook profiles used to defame the restaurant “were accessed at least 194 times from the Kalasho’s El Cajon home.” Two other plaintiffs are named in the lawsuit.For some, the column validated their stories that younger generations refused to believe.Others took comfort in learning the practice was universal and not just a bizarre tradition at their school that for years was spoken of in hushed tones.

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