Norsk adult chat

In addition to this, after a year spent tackling the language in my own way and discussing tips with others, I can reveal a few other strands to my Norwegian strategy for Year 2!Norwegian television is full of British and American sitcoms, documentaries and the like.

A former work colleague of mine suggested I watch cartoons, both international and native Norwegian, as the language used is basic and the pronunciation clearer. Even at my basic level of Norwegian, they are surprisingly easy to follow and it has given me a morale boost that I am making progress. His strategy is to read and highlight words he doesn’t know.But now I’ve committed to a future in Norway, I feel ready and motivated to fully take on the task of learning the language. Do you have experience learning another language and have practical tips to share? Continued blog posts like this, or maybe videos of me speaking Norwegian and/or responding to questions? A few months ago, Gerry and I bought a (dictionary game) called Lexico, which is a fantastic tool for building vocabulary and having fun at the same time.A nice touch is the three levels of difficulty, allowing those at different stages of progress to play in the same game. When I don’t understand something or get something wrong, I get flustered and immediately switch to English.

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