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From coconut to lactose-free, almond to rice, consumers are faced with a growing array of choices when it comes to milk.Now after years in development, pasteurised camel's milk from Western Australia's first commercial size camel dairy has joined the list.If your baby has delayed allergic reactions to milk, she’ll probably outgrow it by the time she’s three years old.If she has an immediate allergic reaction, the allergy may last into her teenage years.It tastes a bit like a salty skim milk and the company claims it is the most similar product to human breast milk.Fresh camel's milk is popular throughout the Middle East, Holland, the UK and the United States but it has not been widely available in Australia."Some stockists are doing extremely well …We've got a 150 camels at the moment, milking 50 of them because that includes the babies. At more than a litre, camel milk is known as white gold.It is low in lactose and fat, and said to be easier to digest than cow's milk.

If your baby is persistently crying, though, one explanation may be milk allergy, so it’s worth taking her to the doctor to find out.

It can be tricky to find out whether your baby is having a delayed allergic reaction, because it involves parts of the immune system that take longer to respond.

Your doctor and a dietitian will work with you on a diet that removes milk from your meals if you’re breastfeeding, and your baby's meals if she’s started solids. The dietitian will review your baby's symptoms and gradually try her with increasing amounts of milk to see if her symptoms recur.

More than 50 retail outlets have already signed up for the product, bottled on a dusty block in Dandaragan, 160 kilometres north of Perth.

Former WA Agriculture Minister Kim Chance is heading up the venture to harness WA's wild camel population to produce the milk."An operation of this size has never been done here before. We still have to raise awareness of the product within the public." Good Earth Dairy sells 300ml bottles for around .00 and will soon launch a one litre bottle.

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