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Please respect others so that they may, in turn, respect you.Keep it friendly and your chat experience, as well as that of your fellow chatters, will be a good one.Please be advised that announcing your ignorelist, as well as complaints about PMs, in the main rooms are viewed as room disruptions and will be treated as such.Ignoring ALL private messages from EVERYONE If you want to ignore ALL private messages from EVERYONE, you can type the following: /mode yournickname D (This will disallow you from receiving any private messages, with the exception of the staff mentioned when typing the command /admin while connected to the chat.Always make sure your roleplaying partner is not engaging in illegal activities and report these to us in #Help.

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Ignore for KC Webclient Users /ignore nickname (ignores the nickname you specify (c As Es En Si Ti Ve)) /unignore nickname (takes the nickname you specify OFF your ignore list (c As Es En Si Ti Ve)) Please note that by putting a chatter on ignore on the webclient, you will no longer be able to see the chatters comments in main chat as well as receive private messages from the chatter. For m IRC Users /ignore -p nickname (ignore private messages from nickname) /ignore nickname (ignore all message from nickname, both private AND main) /ignore -r nickname (remove the nickname from your ignore list) /ignore -r (removes ALL ignores from your ignore list) If you are using a different IRC client, the commands for putting a user on ignore may differ, please visit our website for more information. There are also "PM Blockers" freely available on the internet to help users manage who can and cannot Private Message them.If a chatter is found to be harassing other chatters or rooms, or is found to be (in the opinion of KC Staff) deliberately or maliciously disrupting conversations they will be removed from the server.Continuation of the disruption will result in a ban from the channel in question or the server.We do NOT have a rule against unexpected private messages, as such a rule cannot be reliably enforced.However, if you are receiving such messages, we invite you to make good use of the "ignore" function.

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