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With all of the different jobs available, not everyone is bound to be an active salaried professional with a 6-figure salary.

Some of us work odd schedules and perform labor tasks.

We know that Blake loves herself a good pair of shoes, and makes sky-high Louboutin heels on the red carpet look equally as chic as a pair of casual Adidas kicks.

We gotta admit that we’re insanely jealous of her shoe collection.

Very similar to the Edson style, but slightly narrower in the toe.

This coat, along with the matching pants, seemed like a great option.

I was very surprised when my usual size, which at 46R typically runs a little big on me, was too small to be presentable at an interview. Thankfully, the 48R was still in stock and Zappos was quick enough to get me one in-time to compare which one fit best, and still get it pressed before the interview.

Blake shared a shot of herself sitting atop a mountain of shoes, looking exasperated at all the gorgeousness around her.

Blake captioned the photo: “I hate this part of my job” (and yes, she’s being totally sarcastic so no need to sound the outrage alarms). Was she trying on the shoes for a ~top secret~ photo shoot?

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