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One clever volunteer center on the outskirts of London ran with the idea of speed dating to create a “Volunteer Speed Matching” event with all the characteristics of dating event, including score sheets, a stop watch, and "daters" moving from table to table on 3 minute whistle sounds!

After the great success of this innovative – and very up-to-the-minute – idea gained publicity, the Centre was deluged with inquires about “how could we do this in our area, too?

This decision has been supported by the Office of Fair Access.

The official admissions policy can be found here, where the relevant section is section seven.

A detailed spreadsheet of the stats has been made available to the Union and can be requested to view.

The Union also has several broader policies including: All policy is assigned to a full time officer to work on.

They have a limited time with each organisation & move on at a signal to the next.

Both organisations & volunteers keep score sheets & matching of “yes” & “maybe” scores occurs afterwards.

After dropping bombs planes will continue to Nationalist controlled parts of China, and crews will regroup in Chungking. After depicting the raiders' weeks of hazardous training at Eglin Field, Florida and Naval Air Station Alameda, the story goes on to describe the raid and its aftermath.

While en route to Japan, the Hornets task force is discovered by a Japanese picket boat, which has radioed their position.

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