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Maybe it's Drake who is actually dating Slate and Hamm who is wooing Hadid, and this was just a big planned fake-out to distract us all from the truth! The site Lainey Gossip was the first to start the speculation, but even they admitted the pictures are a week old and they're only running them because a reader was curious.

In any event, if you're a single celebrity you probably shouldn't be spotted out and about anytime over the rest of the summer within 50 feet of another celebrity of your preferred sex lest you want to wind up on the gossip sites.

As it turns out though, the pair are just old friends, and Hadid slammed the press not only for running with the spurious gossip but for running the photos in the first place.

She even publicly thought about the possibility of having to move due to the privacy invasion.

They are just part of the seemingly haphazard pinball game that is life. The first step in coping with a not-so-good first date is recognizing that you are on one.

For illustrative purposes, here are some hypothetical (i.e.

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It was literally just a week ago that certain corners of the internet were abuzz with rumors that Bella Hadid had struck up a possible romance with fellow 'it' model Jordan Kale Barrett. Creepy paparazzi photos taking from the street of the pair hanging out at Hadid's New York City pad.

With that said, some first dates, like some dance routines, start out on the wrong foot and tragically end in disaster.

There is no predicting or accounting for these unpleasant dating moments.

Here are a few unfortunate hypothetical examples of how a date can end on a sour note: Date #8A: Would you like to go out next Saturday night?

At date’s end, however, things can still fall apart rather abruptly.

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