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Add to that databases for searching academic journals and books in the public domain, the powerful Google Maps, with its engaging satellite imagery, a finance page with live stock quotes and an easy-to-use online messaging system, and you can see why some people say Google is taking over the world - and, with Google Moon and Google Mars, the rest of the galaxy, too.2 Anonymouse the web without disclosing who or where you are.25 Blinkx clever way of searching for video clips on the internet - from uploaded episodes of your favourite soap to comedy home-video moments. Write, design and then print your own books - though you'll still have to persuade others to buy them.27 Video Jug Wonder How To great sites full of short videos showing you how to do almost anything, from the incredibly useful (exercises for diabetes sufferers, tying a Windsor knot) to the revelatory ('learn different kinds of kisses'), via the wonderfully obscure ('make a moving jaw for your werewolf mask').Plus, a surprisingly good forum for technology-related problems - a great place to sort out your broadband.

21 Cric Info you want to know about the world of cricket.30 Flash games series of Flash games including the hypnotically soothing Boomshine.31 Game Spot reviews, hints and tips for virtually every console game on the market.The Google calendar is a powerful searchable diary that you can allow others to access, so family members can make appointments together.Sketch Up could be just the tool you are looking for to design that conservatory extension and see what it will look like once the builders have gone.

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